Film Production

With years of experience, Next Production is one of the leading Audio and Film Production Companies in Kampala, Uganda. For over a decade, Next Production has taken pride in being a one stop film and video production company in Kampala, Uganda and East Africa. Working for clients and brands that have an appreciation for quality production. Whether it is TV commercials (TVCs) in Kampala, Uganda, corporate or promotional videos, animations or documentaries we deliver customer satisfaction and bring creative ideas to life.


Next Production handles all levels of film and video production. Whether it’s a two man crew or five-camera live shot, a high end documentary or film project, we mobilize quickly a team of talented producers, directors, photographers, editors, designers and writers. This top-notch creative team will work well with your budget and handle pressures to deliver a guaranteed value for money.We take pride in being one of the best Film production companies in Africa. Our belief in high production values combined with the expertise we have gathered on various film projects has favorably placed us in a good competitive position in East Africa and beyond.

TV Commercials

We have been producing TV Commercials (TVCs) in Kampala, Uganda and Africa for over a decade. It’s your shoot, your money and we are at your service! You get our attention, experience and our guidance from start to finish.

Video Production

We are one of the leading video and film production companies in Africa with years if experience in the business. We take your whole project to the next level, with the most relevant locations, models and specialists.